Saying Stuff

My Greatest fear is that
someone will discover that I am
not just a mild mannered
reporter from the "Daily Planet."

I once ate a Boca Burger in the
nude.  OK, I wasn't actually  
nude, I was just pretending.
My inner five year old thinks
you're a poop-head.

The rumors of my steroid
use are untrue and

Jimmy crack corn and I remain

I'm a firm believer in the second
amendment.  I think everyone
has the right to own a musket.

Words are pictures with letters,
but no illustration.  Sometimes
"Y" is a vowel, other times it's
just a slutty consonant.  If I
speak to you directly, do you
exist or are you just a toy in my
second person narrative?  And
what's the deal with all these
conjunctions?  It's enough to
make you go inane.

If you think clowns are trying to
kill you, they probably are.
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I took the road less traveled and accidentally
ran over Robert Frost.
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